“The most important things are actually

the easiest to obtain: great friends,

good food, and a decent bottle of wine.”

― Blake Mycoskie

About Stonehurst

In the early 1940’s a young woman came to a small town in the Western Cape. After a few years of teaching, she married a local wine farmer and horse breeder, gave up teaching, started a family and immersed herself in her husband’s wine business and shared his passion for horses.

After identifying the vineyards and, by extension, from which soils the best wines came, she persuaded her husband to plant 3 hectares of vineyards on a rocky limestone outcrop she called Stonehurst. The wines from this limestone outcrop were a great success.

Stonehurst has been launched to commemorate this remarkable pioneering woman with a passion for wine and horses.

All of our wines qualify for the Integrity & Sustainability Seal, due to maintaining sustainable practices.  We are also accredited with the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) for our sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods.


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